EP Water srl was founded in Genoa in 2014, founded by a team of people with more than twenty years of experience in water treatment sectors like marine and industrial.

The company was founded as a service company to assist ships and yacht costumers in Italy and in the rest of the word for their water treatment plants on board maintenance and for industrial application mainly Landfill Leachate treatment. Thanks to the customers feedback, EP water developed its own plants and on behalf of third parties. The EP water system use the best technologies available on the market thanks to close partnership with major player in the water treatment field.

EP Water is an ISO9001-2015 and ISO 14001 certified company for the engineering, design and technical assistance of water treatment plants for marine and industrial application.

The main applications:

Marine :
Reverse osmosis desalination plants
Black and Gray water treatment system
Kitchen water treatment systems (grease trap)
Vacuum collection systems
Ballast water treatment system BWTS
Drinking water conditioning

Industrial :
Landfill leachate treatment plants with reverse osmosis technology
Industrial water treatment plants using membrane technology
Oil separation plants for industrial waters


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